For those who seek the very best and demand total exclusivity there can be no more treasured a possession than a unique masterpiece created by one of our craftsmen from an original idea or concept. By its very nature, our Bespoke Service is on a by appointment basis only.
Much careful research and great dedication are needed to develop the design and to unearth the finest materials. Our creations in the past have been wide ranging: from the most exquisite jewellery case to a twenty four piece luggage set and even a case specially designed to house one of the world's greatest paintings.
Harry Fane is a London based collector and dealer of vintage watches, jewellery and objets d’art. In addition, Harry designs jewellery and owns Obsidian, a by appointment, private gallery in Mayfair.
Tanner Krolle worked closely with Harry to create a bespoke trunk, tailored to his specifications. The aim was not only to safely transport some of the most special pieces from his extensive collection, but to elegantly display them at their destination.
Customised features include a central bust to display a necklace, and a convenient mirror hidden inside the lid. The removable attaché case securely holds further items of jewellery in padded sections, keeping it safe and protected in transit. The trunk is finished in British woven horsehair fabric and leather with solid brass hardware and features a discreet brass plaque bearing the client’s name.